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Free Staff/Professional Development Activities

The free staff/professional development activities are divided into thirteen categories.  Each category has multiple activities that you can easily use to enhance professional development in your school.

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Activity objectives…

To improve teaching competence

To build greater collegiality

To understand and appreciate the art of teaching

To discover the interplay of self, career, and professionalism


For Your Consideration

Below are six ways in which the activities can be used to enhance professionalism:

  1. They can be used as a self-administered improvement program.  Any teacher, new or experienced, can benefit from directed professional interaction with colleagues.

  2. They can be used as a career assessment tool.  The activities will help individuals appraise their teaching careers and discover how their personal skills and values connect with institutional expectations.

  3. They can be used as a resource for administrators and mentors as they work to help teachers improve their effectiveness in the classroom.  For example, after observing a teacher the principal may suggest a Teachers on Target activity to support skill building.

  4. They can be used as a curriculum for mentors.  Supervising teachers may organize the various activities to establish an ongoing improvement plan for their teachers.

  5. They can be used as a resource for staff development activities.  Many of the activities can be readily used at staff meetings or in small groups to simulate professional awareness.

  6. They can be used as a refresher for experienced teachers.  As experienced teachers work through the activities, they will feel a sense of renewal as they explore their teaching preferences.



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